Location Map

Cluster-Pulse (Arhar)

Cluster-Oilseed ( Niger )

OFT-Assessment of management of rhizome rot in ginger

  OFT-Assessment of different rice varieties for BPH tolerance

OFT-Assessment of  different tomato varities in late kharif season

OFT-Assessment of growth regulator to control irregular bearing habit in Mango

OFT- Assessment of weedicides in Niger

OFT- Assessment of improval local backyard poultry breed

FLD- Demonstration of wilt management in tomato

FLD- Demonstration of chemical contol measures against mango psylla

FLD- Demonstration of organic farming in Tomato-cauliflower cropping system

FLD- Demonstartion onpopularization of low cost polyhouse by using 200 microns polythene & bamboo of size 10' X 3' X 2'

FLD- Demonstration  of popularization of tissue culture Banana variety Amritpuri 

FLD- Demonstration  of high yeilding fodder crop hybrid Napier- CO4